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Marketing is a powerful tool in every business because it helps generate leads, grow sales and create brand awareness. Among the marketing and advertising tools available, customer testimonials from your happy and satisfied customers are one of the most powerful tools for building brand credibility and converting leads.

When customers want to purchase products or services, they look beyond the ads, features, or benefits. Customers carefully measure the messages and claims against social proof. With the advent of social media, people can connect, talk and interact in the online space anytime and anywhere in real-time.

What is a Customer Testimonial?

A customer testimonial is a recommendation from a genuinely satisfied buyer that affirms the authenticity of a service or product. A testimonial shows prospective clients that your services and products are effective.

Testimonial statistics show that 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. When customers are happy and satisfied with your services or products, they will voluntarily or upon request give a testimonial. Combined with other marketing tools, customer testimonials can significantly boost your sales and build your brand.

Understanding the Psychology Behind Customer Testimonials

Naturally, human beings tend to gravitate towards people, things, and places, with close resemblance to self. People like using other people’s experiences to decide whether they are making a smart buy or not.

Testimonials and reviews help the majority of buyers to justify their purchases. Even when they do not know the people behind the testimonials, the honest opinion from a regular person dramatically influences their purchasing decision.  A Local Consumer Review Survey revealed that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member, above all other forms of advertising. Testimonials have power, and savvy marketers are using them to sell more.

Types of Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth advertising is broad and comes in different types and forms. Common types of customer testimonials include:

Social media: social media gives consumers a platform to voice their preferences for specific brands or frustrations by others. This feedback is crucial because it is possible to click and see the person you are reading about is authentic.

Customer reviews: These are the reviews given by the customers about the brand’s product or service through different platforms. Consumer reviews are easy to ask for, especially after purchase or on an automated system of collecting reviews. People tend to assume the actions of others (especially those they perceive are similar to them) reflect the right choice in a given situation. Buyers trust reviews to make informed decisions on purchases.

Influencer testimonials: influencers are the movers and shakers familiar to your audience.  Getting press from influencers in your market can help boost your conversation rates.

Blog post reviews: getting an affiliate to write blog posts reviewing your products will get you new customers without advertising. The only amount you spend is the commission you compensate the affiliate for every referral.

Case studies: getting a previous customer to tell their story after using your products or services with the main focus on the transformation journey can help you acquire new customers.

Quotes: quotes began from way back as the easiest types of testimonials.  They instill confidence in buyers that the purchase is right.

Video testimonials: video is becoming the top marketing channel for business owners. Video testimonials are visually stimulating and capitalize on capturing the attention of customers for a few seconds. Customers who have used the products talk about their experiences.

The Benefits of Customer Testimonials

Capturing your customers’ endorsement is crucial in building your brand credibility. Some of the benefits your business gets from customer testimonials include:

They increase referrals

Asking for testimonials, especially video testimonials from your clients, show them that you value their opinions. They will not only give positive feedback but also share the video among their circles. This way, your brand gets noticed.

They build credibility and trust

A happy client is your company’s biggest salesperson. A satisfied client will voluntarily leave a positive review on your sites and will be willing to feature case studies or video testimonials to strongly affirm your products and services.

Testimonials are a great sales pitch technique

Since they are based on honest and unbiased opinions, testimonials build confidence among the prospective customers that the product is the right choice.

Enhanced brand visibility

A testimonial boosts your search engine content. You are more likely to appear in the local search results for searches in your market. This may increase traffic to your website and also increase your conversions.

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