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Client video testimonials are essential to your business for a number of reasons, mainly to encourage others to seek your services. Although client testimonials are important it might be challenging to understand, ‘how to use video testimonials to promote your business?’ 

There’s no need to look any further because we’ve created a guide that will give you some tips on how to use them throughout your business marketing efforts. Get ready to put client reviews to effective use right after checking out this post. 

What are Customer Testimonial Videos? 

Typically, customers leave written reviews giving their opinion about the products or services they’ve used from your business. The only difference between a typical testimonial and a video testimonial is that it’s recorded.  

While the customer is filming their video, they’ll talk about the experience they had when using the product and whether it was good or bad. They’ll further explain their opinion on the product and give others looking to use it insight before making their final purchase. 

84% of consumers read and trust reviews left by past customers. This means if you hope to acquire and retain customers you’ve got to ensure that your reviews put your company’s best foot forward.  

Why Do You Need to Use the Videos? 

Is there a rule that you’ve got to use client testimonials as you promote your business? No, but there are several reasons you should, including brand transparency. 

The videos show customers you’re credible and stand by everything your company and products stand for. When you’re honest about the successes and shortcomings of your products it’s a way of being honest with customers. 

And contrary to what you might believe customers appreciate companies who don’t hide anything from those that use their products. As you continue to be honest and share these testimonials your consumer’s brand loyalty will increase as well.  

Another reason you need to use customer video testimonials is customers know more about your product than you do. Your customers are using your products daily and have figured out solutions to different issues the product might have had. 

Therefore, when it comes to product promotion there’s nobody better than the people that have purchased the products. If you’re looking to increase the sales of your products using client videos is the way to go. 

Not to mention there’s nothing forced or fake about client testimonials. It’s real people giving their honest opinion about a product, which is more believable than having someone from your company talk about the product in a salesperson’s kind of tone. 

How to Do It Right? 

Now that you understand what client videos are and why you need to use them it’s time to discuss ways to use them. Keep in mind not every way to use the testimonials is going to work for every company. 

You’ve got to take some time to assess the platforms your company uses currently to promote your products. From there, you can move forward with deciding how to use the testimonials to increase engagement numbers even further. 

Here are some suggestions that you mind find useful. 

Post Them on Social Media 

The average user spends 145 minutes on social media every single day. With people spending most of their time scrolling, sharing, and liking people’s social media posts it’s the perfect place to post client testimonials videos for your followers to watch and share. 

Posting client videos on your social media platforms is a way of creating engaging content for followers to see. While at the same time you can use the videos to expand your reach. 

This means you’re gaining a larger audience who require the products and services offered by your business. ensure you choose the platform you’ll post the testimonials on wisely because depending on the platform the whole video won’t be posted. 

For example, while you might be able to post the entire video on Facebook, you’ll only be able to offer a teaser or photo on Instagram. Testimonials on your social media platform will increase the amount of organic traffic you get to your site and increases your brand awareness as well. 

Case Study Research Purposes 

There are several reasons that business owners don’t frequently turn to a case study when it comes to their work, but a testimonial could be a key component to use. During case studies, you’ll provide testers with a sample of your product. 

From there you’ll take a step back and study the group, taking notes and monitoring them at various stages in the study. At the end of the study, the group will be brought back together to give a review of their personal experience. 

Instead of having them write down what they went through during the study have them film client videos. The video provides a brief synopsis of the product or service leaving the customer with more questions. 

As these questions are raised potential customers will have the case study in hand to answer the rest of their questions. When using video testimonials in this way take the time to transcribe the video as a part of the case study. 

However, before you’re able to use it you’ve got to get written permission from the client before using their testimonial as a part of your study. After that create a title that will catch people’s attention and move forward with the write-up of your case study. 

Blog Posts 

There are several types of content you can create that will include video testimonials including blog posts. There are several ways to incorporate the video into your posts including making the video the focus of the blog. 

For example, in the video, the client might focus on a specific feature offered by the product. Take this feature and make it the focal point of your blog post and why it’s a feature buyers need to have, persuading them to buy your product. 

We understand it’s easy to use these videos for promotional use but take a different approach. Create a blog post that provides more information to your target audience and use the video as a supporting factor. 

Use on Your Website 

There are several places on your website you could use a video testimonial from the landing page to the sales page. There’s a place you could embed the videos with ease. 

If you’ve got a page dedicated to testimonials this is where the bulk of the videos would be placed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere as well. Having the videos in one place makes it easier to market the page to others. 

You can place links on your social media platforms and encourage users to click the link to the videos. If you don’t have a page dedicated to testimonials you could always use videos on your home page. 

The reason to use it on this page is that there’s no guarantee website visitors will click on other pages. When the video is present on the home page you increase the chances of people watching it. 

The thing to remember when using testimonial videos on your home page is to choose one that’s powerful. There’s nothing like a strong testimonial to get people to stay on your website instead of exiting out of it. 

Business Webinars 

With more companies conducting business remotely you’ve got to find a way to engage participants and keep their attention throughout the meeting. The best way to do this is to use testimonials during the webinar. 

As you move forward with explaining the product and letting those in attendance know why they need your project the videos can help further promote your products. Before you press play on the video create a webinar schedule and insert videos at key points in the presentation. 

We recommend inserting them during times when you feel you might be losing your audience. The video will pull their attention back to the reason they are there in the first place. 

And it will help to increase the sales you make at the end of the webinar. 

Using Video Testimonials: Just Press Play 

Video testimonials are a valuable asset to businesses if you know how to use them properly. Whether your marketing team uses them on their social media platforms or landing page you’re sure to benefit from it greatly. 

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We understand that reviews are a part of what drives business, and we want to help your business continue thriving and gain more customers.