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Once you’ve signed up to Vidmat, here’s how to create your first campaign and start collecting video testimonials.

1. Create a New Vidmat Campaign

Go to the Campaigns section and click the Create button.

Create a new Vidmat Campaign

2. Enter the Campaign details:

  • Campaign Name (this is for your internal use)
  • Title: this should be the question you wish to ask you customers
  • Intro Message for Recipients: detail what you’d like your customer to cover in their answer
  • Thanks you Message: the thank you message people will see after they’ve recorded their video
  • Maximum Duration: the recording length of the video (default is 120 seconds and the maximum for free accounts is also 120 seconds)
  • Ask Users For: the mandatory details you’d like your customer to leave
  • Send new testimonial notifications to: We’ll send an email notification to this email address whenever a new video is recorded.
  • Click Save to Finish
Vidmat Campaign Detils

3. Copy and Share Your Campaign Link

The campaign Link is where your audience will be able to record their video message. Click the Copy button to copy the link. Share this link with your audience via email, SMS, social media etc.

Copy Video Landing Page Link

4. What will Your Audience See?

When your audience opens the link on their mobile device, here’s what they will see:

5. Downloading Customer Video Testimonials

To download your custom video testimonials, go to your Campaign section and click on the Campaign Name. You’ll find a download link below each video.